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MetroResidences • 2018 - 2020

At MetroResidences, I was involved in various types of design projects from UX work to creating physical brochures. I predominantly worked on creating responsive web designs.

Brochure design

My scope at MetroResidences extended beyond the design of digital products. I participated in discussions and creation of anything design or experience related. This particular project is an example of that. The marketing team had to come up with a brochure that was to be printed out and given to guests upon check in. I participated in the brainstorming sessions for the content as well as the creation of the physical design of the brochure. 

We wanted the brochure to be something that is functional after the guest has read its contents. We came up with a design that allowed the folder to double up as a do not disturb sign.

Neighbourhood information

A majority of the guests that stay at our apartments are expats. These potential guests may have never been to the country that they will soon be living at and we felt that providing them with a glimpse of what they can expect if they were to choose to live in a particular neighbourhood would be helpful in their decision making process. I collaborated with the marketing team in coming up with the types of content that should be shown and designed the page around the content that we came up with. 

Secure payment page

Users are able to make a booking for an apartment online. However we started noticing an increase in drop off rates of users upon landing on the payments page. We hypothesised that users might not be comfortable with making such a large payment as there was a lack of information regarding the payment solutions we were using on the payments page.

I updated the design of the payments page to include a small line describing the payments system that was being used. This change was rolled out and we saw a decrease in drop off rates.

While I was making changes to the payments page, I took the opportunity to update the design to include features which might be useful to the user upon check out (these features were not built as this was not a priority). I imagined what the payment journey would be like for a human resource personnel. A couple of the questions I pondered over were:

• Is there a way to make it easy for a human resource personnel to manage multiple bookings?
• What kinds of payments methods would they prefer using?

I felt that the idea of allowing someone to indicate that the booking is made on behalf of another person would be interesting and worth exploring in the future. The use cases may vary but it may potentially be really useful for HR personnels. It will allow them to have an overview of the bookings that have been made by their staff in their dashboard. As this was not a priority for the particular project at hand, I came up with a list of the types of people that will make a booking and the types of permissions they should have on their dashboard and shelved this project for another day.

Partnership page

Add on Menus

The company required a brochure to be designed to showcase the various add on services that come with our apartments. I designed these for the sales team to be emailed to the guests. I created two designs as the items offered differ depending on the country. 

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