Hi, I'm Joyce.

an Experience Designer based in Singapore.

I specialise in carefully balancing between the needs of businesses and bringing the best experience possible to their end users.

When I’m not doing research or design, you’ll find me taking apart electronics in an attempt to fix them, building LEGO sets, obsessively reading up about various stuff or being holed up at home with my Nintendo Switch.


Making living abroad a little less lonely.

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Product page.

Scaling down the product page for new markets.

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Various work.

Showcase of various other short projects that I’ve worked on at Metroresidences.

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My interests.

Here's a small glimpse of what I love doing in my free time for you to better understand who I am and what makes me tick.

Collecting handheld game consoles.

My humble collection began with a bright pink Game Boy Colour that was given to me from my dad. As the years went by, I started adding on to this collection, fixing and replacing parts that have been broken in the console to keep it working.

Here's a glimpse of my collection

Building/taking apart stuff.

I’ve had a strong fascination with taking apart and building stuff ever since I was a child. I love any project that has to do with building stuff. LEGO, metallic puzzle, leather crafting, diy projects to solve whatever needs I have. (My dream is to turn one of my rooms into a workshop when I eventually own a house.)

Here's a glimpse of what i've built so far

Video games.

Everyone loves video games. That’s all I have to say. Here's a couple of my favourite games.

Here's a glimpse of a couple of my favourite games


I like taking pictures as seemingly normal things that you take for granted may turn out to look stunning in images depending on how you compose the shot. I mainly shoot using family cameras for two reasons. First, you’re forced to get better at the skill as the cost for making a mistake is punishing. Secondly, old cameras break all the time and…I get to fix them!

Here's a glimpse of some of the images I've taken

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